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Bros & Bras

Forever 5K

The Bros & Bras Forever 5K is located at where it all began. 

Years ago, Bros & Bras started with a 5K distance walk/run at Black Dog Coffee. 

Our course begins at the trail head on the way to curry road.  

At approximately 1.55 miles (Its marked) near the white fence, you turn around and head back.

Here is the fun part.  You can run the course any time and submit your results to BroActual. Once your results are in, I will post your picture of choice and your current time below.  

This course will stay consistent and you can choose to run it at anytime thus hopefully improving your results over time.

The course is also a venue to race each other.  Have a monthly/weekly race, settle disputes, establish handi-caps, run with and push each other.    

Email your results to

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